What is it?
The The Port Orchard to Gig Harbor Solar Project (POGHSP) is a group purchase community-based project for South Peninsula residents and businesses resulting in significant savings on solar photovoltaic (PV) installations.
POGHSP takes all the guesswork out of going solar on the South Peninsula. All systems will use Made-In-Washington modules and inverters, everyone gets the same low $/watt price, and the process is streamlined. The only major variables will be system size and financing or no financing.
1. Register
Beginning October 1, 2012, fill out our online form or register in person to keep updated on workshops and to schedule an individual site assessment for your home or business. Registration ends December 31st.

2. Attend a Workshop
Attend a free workshop! Workshops will cover how solar works in Washington State and gives in-depth information on the benefits of The Port Orchard Gig Harbor (POGH). It's a great time to ask questions and connect with other interested participants in your community.

3. Get a Site Assessment
All participants who attended a workshop or event are eligible to receive a free site assessment from Artisan Electric. The site assessment team will evaluate your home or business for solar and work with you to determine the best size system and financing options for your particular needs.
After the site assessment, the home or business owner will receive a formal bid summarizing the information and numbers.

4. Sign your contract
Once you've completed a site assessment and received a bid, you will have all the information you need to decide whether you want to install solar on your home or business. Up to signing your contract, you are under no obligation to go solar.

5. Schedule your Installation
Once your contract is signed, Artisan Electric will work with you to schedule your solar installation. After the system is installed, Artisan will navigate the customer through all necessary local and federal paperwork.

Check in with us on this site and via Facebook and Twitter to find out
about upcoming workshops and events, and how you can get involved!